CIMC RJST Lighthouse Plant Completion and Commencement Ceremony and 2022 New Product Mass Roll-off Ceremony Held

CIMC RJST Lighthouse Plant Completion and Commencement Ceremony and 2022 New Product Mass Roll-off Ceremony Held

CIMC RJST Lighthouse Plant Completion and Commencement Ceremony and 2022 New Product Mass Roll-off Ceremony Held

   CIMC RJST Lighthouse Plant Completion and Commencement Ceremony and 2022 New Product Mass Roll-off Ceremony Held


On August 28, CIMC RJST Lighthouse Plant with the theme of "Light Peak" was completed and put into production and the mass production ceremony of 2022 new products was held in the headquarters of CIMC RJST in Wuhu, Anhui. Member of the Standing Committee of Yijiang District Committee of Wuhu City, Member of the Party Group of the District Government, Deputy District Mayor Tang Jun, Director of the Development and Reform Commission of Yijiang District Wu Yan, Executive Deputy General Manager of CIMC RJST, EMT Rotating COO Du Cunyang, the company's management, technology, quality, manufacturing staff representatives and CIMC RJST strategic customers, strategic distributors, strategic suppliers, Anhui Satellite TV, Wuhu TV, Truck Home, China Truck Network, Truck Watch nearly 20 well-known mass media , Industry media and other guests represented more than 200 people to attend the event ceremony.



Tang Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the Yijiang District Committee of Wuhu City, member of the Party Group of the District Government, and Deputy District Mayo said: “CIMC RJST is a shiny brand and a perfect partner on the journey of growing together with Yijiang. In recent years, affected by the epidemic, the downward pressure on the international and domestic economy has continued to increase, and the automobile market has entered in-depth adjustments. CIMC RJST accurately recognizes changes, scientifically responds to changes, and actively seeks changes. It adheres to the new development concept as the leader and focuses on "Smart Manufacturing 2025". Firmly grasp the trend of the times of intelligence, "Internet +" and new technological changes, deepen the subdivisions, seize the commanding heights of development, and gradually grow into an outstanding enterprise in China's special-purpose vehicles and a leading enterprise in China's tank vehicles, establishing an unshakable presence in the global market leading edge."



Du Cunyang, Executive Deputy General Manager of CIMC RJST and EMT COO, said: “On March 1 this year, we released the “CIMC RJST” brand in Shanghai Center. The new features of product intelligence and business internationalization. Today, we solemnly hold the ceremony for the completion and commissioning of the CIMC RJST Lighthouse Plant, which is the mass release of the new products of the 2022 model, which is an important milestone in deepening the brand connotation of CIMC RJST and building the lighthouse of the factory. "

"In 2018, under the overall strategic deployment of CIMC's high-end manufacturing upgrade, CIMC Ruijiang first started the construction of a lighthouse factory for tanker products. At present, CIMC Ruijiang's lighthouse tanker factory has basically taken shape. In the past three years, we have been in the intelligent production line. In terms of upgrading, it is the first in the tanker industry to realize the powder spraying and coating of the surface of the mixer truck, the high-precision laser cutting and blanking of the three major tanker products, and the intelligent manufacturing upgrade of the final assembly process. In 2020, the capital and technical support of CIMC Vehicle Group Under the leadership of the group, we have launched the intelligent manufacturing upgrade of the mixer truck barrel, the stainless steel barrel of the tank truck, and the surface coating of the tank truck. Welding, automatic assembly and reciprocal tanker manufacturing has many world-class major technological breakthroughs. After the official production, the mixer truck product has realized the automatic production of the four major processes from blanking → riveting → painting → final assembly for the first time in the special vehicle industry."

In the future, CIMC Ruijiang will be committed to the grounding and rooting of digitalization of the entire value chain, and continue to promote the effective integration of digitalization and automation. Deepen the "customer-centric" business philosophy, and finally complete the international certification of the global lighthouse factory, reaching the standard of the global lighthouse factory.




Among the 2022 new products rolled off the assembly line, the new generation of stainless steel liquid tank semi-trailers rely on comprehensive optimization of structure, design, performance, and technology to achieve lighter weight and safer. The vehicle weight broke the industry's lightest record, and was certified as the “lightest stainless steel liquid tank (47 cubic meters) semi-trailer” by Shanghai Great World Guinness.


Create champion quality, let customers sit back and relax. Quality is the foundation of CIMC Ruijiang's survival, the lifeline and red line of the company. Without quality, there is no "dignity". CIMC Ruijiang always adheres to Toyota's lean production model. Through technological innovation, quality is created in the process, eliminating quality problems from the source, and continuously improving to enhance product quality. At the event site, the company's quality team representatives solemnly swear to all users." "Champion Quality Quality" promises.


During the construction of the lighthouse factory, the construction team faced up to difficulties and dared to innovate. A total of 12 invention patents and 35 utility model patents were obtained. They were successfully completed and reached production and achieved the expected goals. At the ceremony site, the company solemnly commended the outstanding employees and team representatives of the lighthouse factory construction, and awarded the titles of "Best Innovation Award", "Best Design Award", and "Best Practice Award" respectively.




Climbing courageously, the "light peak" is more than that. Standing at the height of the times and adhering to the dream of making a strong country, CIMC Ruijiang will make every effort to promote the development of the "new four modernizations" of "industry digitalization, factory beaconization, product intelligence, and business internationalization" at full speed, focusing on "user experience" We will continue to "reach the top" on the road ahead, continue to lead China's independent special-purpose vehicle brand on a new journey of internationalization, and build a world-class tanker champion.


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