CIMC RJST tanker was successfully selected as a national green factory

CIMC RJST tanker was successfully selected as a national green factory

CIMC RJST tanker was successfully selected as a national green factory

Recently, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China released the "Announcement of the 2021 Green Manufacturing List", and RJST tank trucks were successfully selected as a national green factory.


The "National Green Factory" creation activity is a nationwide selection activity organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China. It aims to implement the "Made in China 2025" and "Industrial Green Development Plan", accelerate the construction of a green manufacturing system, and create an advanced model of green manufacturing enterprises . "Green factory" refers to a factory that implements intensive land use, clean production, waste recycling, environmental protection of products, and no pollution during the production process.



RJST Tanker is a key member of CIMC Vehicles, and is also a high-end tanker manufacturing enterprise deployed by CIMC Vehicles in Wuhu, Anhui. With the deployment of CIMC Vehicles, Ruijiang Tank Trucks started the road of high-end manufacturing upgrades in 2018. Among them, the lighthouse factory of mixer trucks has undergone production line upgrades. The blanking, riveting, powder spraying, and final assembly have all realized automated and informationized production. The industry’s first spray + powder spraying process replaces the paint process, and it is intelligent, green, efficient, and With the advantages of high quality, it is the first to enter the era of intelligent manufacturing and is the first in the tanker industry.



On August 28 this year, RJST Tanker completed the completion and commissioning of the first domestic tanker "Lighthouse Factory", and obtained more than 50 invention patents and innovative patents, which solved many manufacturing process problems in the industry. Among them, the intelligent production line of stainless steel liquid tank adopts intelligent assembly technology, automatic robot welding technology, intelligent AHV logistics, advanced powder spraying technology and the integration of information technology to realize low-cost, fast delivery, high-quality, high-value stainless steel liquid The production of tank cars makes the performance of stainless steel products safer and safer to use, allowing customers to "rest back and relax".



Currently, RJST Tank Truck actively responds to the national policy and puts forward two themed strategies of "dual cycle" and intelligent technology escort, and comprehensively deploys the lighthouse factory with the digital connection of the entire value chain, and is committed to achieving the champion status of technology, craftsmanship, quality, and efficiency. As the leader of China's tank vehicles, Ruijiang's three series of tank trucks, including mixer trucks, liquid tankers and powder tankers, rank first in the country in total sales.




Mixer truck, liquid tanker, powder tanker

The total sales volume of three series of tanker products is No. 1 in the country

In the future, under the guidance of CIMC Vehicles Group's overall strategy for high-end intelligent manufacturing and upgrading, Ruijiang Tank Trucks will continue to practice low-carbon and green manufacturing, build a high-end manufacturing system in an all-round way, continue to promote the use, upgrade and update of environmental protection equipment, and actively promote new energy , Intelligent, digital and lightweight green products. At the same time, it fulfills its social responsibilities, actively contributes to the green and low-carbon transformation of transportation, and contributes to China's sustainable transportation development.

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