Good news! CIMC Vehicles won the "Most Growing Listed Company in High-end Manufacturing Industry"

Good news! CIMC Vehicles won the

Good news! CIMC Vehicles won the "Most Growing Listed Company in High-end Manufacturing Industry"


  From December 20th to December 24th, the "2021 Tenth China Listed Companies Summit Forum Week" hosted by the Daily Business News was successfully held online. As one of the most influential high-end financial forums in China, this China Listed Companies Summit Week has the theme of "Technology Innovation and Green Development", gathering guests from all walks of life to discuss  topics of social hotspots, financial events, new trends in the capital market, etc.

  Relying on the industry's outstanding brand influence and strong development momentum, CIMC Vehicles (301039.SZ/01839.HK), the world's leading high-end manufacturer of semi-trailers and special purpose vehicles, won the "High-end Manufacturing Industry Most Growing Listed Company" award.


  At the same time, Li Guiping, CEO and President of CIMC Vehicles, won the "Best CEO" award.

  Under the leadership of Li Guiping, CEO and President of CIMC Vehicles, CIMC Vehicles, as the world’s number one semi-trailer manufacturer, has been exploring the construction of a high-end manufacturing system and setting up "lighthouse" factories in 2014, which have been completed at home and abroad. 13 "Lighthouse" factories for semi-trailers, 6 "Lighthouse" factories for special-purpose vehicles, and 2 "Lighthouse" factories for light vans.

  In the current industry change, based on the best practices of the company's core subsidiaries and combining the characteristics of Industry 4.0, CIMC Vehicles implements the core measures of "Five Cornerstones of High-end Manufacturing System" and actively carries out digital transformation and upgrading. The company has formulated further upgrade measures in terms of upgrading the "product module", improving the "lighthouse" factory, launching marketing reforms, promoting organizational development, and building a digital supply chain center to fully implement the high-end manufacturing system strategy, and then adopt technology , manufacturing, research and development, brand and other advantages to provide the market with better quality, innovative and market-leading products, so that the company can reach new heights under the dual circular economy at home and abroad.

  In the list of the first three batches of national-level specialization and new "little giant" enterprises that have been announced, CIMC Vehicles has three subsidiaries that have been rated as national-level specialization and new "little giant" enterprises, namely CIMC Vehicles. (Jiangmen City) Co., Ltd., Zhumadian CIMC Huajun Casting Co., Ltd. and Gansu CIMC Huajun Vehicle Co., Ltd.

  In addition, in the 2021 green manufacturing list recently published on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, Wuhu CIMC RJST Automobile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CIMC Vehicles, was listed among them and was awarded the national "green factory". Prior to this, Gansu CIMC Huajun Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou CIMC Tonghua Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd. were also selected as provincial "green factories" this year.

  This time, CIMC Vehicles won the "Most Growing Listed Company in the High-end Manufacturing Industry", which reflects the full recognition of the company's high-quality development trend by the capital market and the majority of investors. In the future, CIMC Vehicles will continue to devote itself to comprehensively building a “high-end manufacturing system”, deepen the “transoceanic management, local manufacturing” business model under the current globalization background, consolidate the “new management infrastructure”, and achieve high-quality development.



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