Ruijiang Mixer Truck Shaanxi Automobile 8-12m³

Ruijiang Mixer Truck Shaanxi Automobile 8-12m³
Ruijiang Mixer Truck Shaanxi Automobile 8-12m³
  • Chassis: Shaanxi
  • Top Weight: 31000
  • Overall Dimen: 10400x2550x3990
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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Product Description

The CIMC Ruijiang brand series concrete mixer trucks are developed by our company to meet the needs of the current building materials industry. They have absorbed the advantages of similar models at home and abroad, and are manufactured using advanced technology and strict production processes. The product structure is reasonable, the performance is reliable, the appearance is beautiful, and the operation is simple. It can be widely used in transportation, construction, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, mining and other industrial sectors.

CIMC Ruijiang's series of concrete mixer trucks cover a wide range of products in the mixing industry. The chassis mainly adopts special chassis for concrete mixer trucks such as Hongyan, Nanjing Xugong, Auman, Shaanxi Automobile, China National Heavy Duty Truck, C&C Trucks, Dongfeng Hercules, Jiefang, JAC Gelfa, and Hino, GAC Hino, Mitsubishi, Isuzu and other concrete mixers. The whole vehicle is of high quality, superior performance, reliable operation, and strong power. It is used for supporting various mixing plants and transporting ready-mixed concrete that meets the requirements of homogeneity. It can also be used for shrinkage mixing and truck mixing. It is the mixing station for transporting commercial concrete Ideal equipment.

Golden Match

The whole vehicle is equipped with Weichai Power and matched with Fast 10-speed high-speed transmission to form a "golden power chain". Use Hande low-power idle axle: 5.5T front axle, MAN 11.5T single-stage bridge/HDS 16T double-stage cast bridge, the transmission efficiency is increased by 4%, and the gradeability is increased by 3%.

Professional Creation

The vehicle system adopts structural integration optimization, integrated matching design, optimal balance between lightweight and load-bearing, and is 500kg lighter than conventional models. 600L material high-strength steel frame, cast axle housing, four riding bolts, high-stress leaf springs. The front axle embodies the design of waterproof oil seal, drive axle wheel side oil seal + vent pipe waterproof design. The surface of the drive axle planetary wheel gasket is specially treated with SFF-1 to improve the service life. Through in-depth research on market characteristics and user needs, Shaanxi Automobile has launched the new M3000S cement mixer aggressively, continuously surpassing its quality, and has created a new force in the rise of urban architecture.

Leading technology

M3000S adopts a new front cover, grille with chrome-plated decorations, and split metal bumper. And using LED car lights, long life, strong penetrating power, light width, long distance, low energy consumption and other advantages, driving at night, safer. The chassis adopts a 1.2MPa braking system, which shortens the braking establishment time by 10%, which can effectively shorten the braking distance of 1-1.5 meters. ; The main seat is made of Grammer velvet fabric, which has functions such as speed drop and lumbar support adjustment, so that the driving comfort is higher. With 360-degree panoramic image, multi-function steering wheel, electric flip, central control lock, standard power distribution control automatic constant temperature heating and cooling air conditioner.

Service upgrade

Eight Measures to Improve "Quick" Service.

Improve service response speed Improve precise spare parts storage Improve customer service experience Improve service innovation capabilities.

Improve maintenance technical capabilities, enhance service operation capabilities, enhance customer relationship maintenance, and enhance channel profitability.


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