Good news I CIMC Vehicles won Best Capital Market Communication Award and Best Shareholder Relations Award

Good news I CIMC Vehicles won Best Capital Market Communication Award and Best Shareholder Relations Award

Good news I CIMC Vehicles won Best Capital Market Communication Award and Best Shareholder Relations Award

On December 29, the results of the Fifth China Excellent IR Selection hosted by the roadshow and excellent IR were released. As one of the most influential awards in the domestic investor relations field, the China Excellent IR Annual Selection focuses on the frontline practitioners of investor relations in listed companies, commending outstanding listed companies and IR workers’ contribution to promote innovation and efficiency in the entire industry.

With the high-frequency and high-quality capital market communication and service work in 2021, CIMC Vehicles (301039.SZ/01839.HK), the global leader in high-end semi-trailer and special-purpose vehicle manufacturing, won the Best Capital Market Communication Award and the Best Shareholder Relations Award two major awards. This event demonstrates CIMC Vehicles' excellent investor relationship management, clear strategic direction, and efficient corporate governance, which has further consolidated the company's good image in the capital market.

On July 8, 2021, CIMC Vehicles successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Growth Enterprise Market, officially becoming the world’s first global high-end manufacturer of semi-trailers and special vehicles listed in A+H, opening a new chapter in the capital market for CIMC Vehicles .

In terms of capital market communication, CIMC Vehicles has always adhered to the going global strategy, and continued to establish an open, transparent and enterprising capital market image through zero-distance and high-frequency communication with the capital market. With the help of Dongfeng's A-share listing, CIMC Vehicles actively communicated with investors, communicated the company's operating conditions, financial highlights and future strategies to the outside world, and established long-term and good relationships with investors. In addition, CIMC Vehicles also actively participates in online and offline roadshows and strategy meetings organized by securities companies, and has held a number of large-scale investor opening events to ensure that investors understand corporate information in a timely manner.

In terms of shareholder relations, CIMC Vehicles always attaches great importance to investor protection and management, continuously optimizes investor return mechanisms, improves corporate governance, improves company transparency, and effectively safeguards the rights and interests of small and medium investors. Since its establishment, CIMC Vehicles has adhered to the principle of maximizing shareholder value and has continued to reward shareholders with excellent dividend rates and cash dividends, ranking it among the top listed manufacturing companies.

CIMC Vehicles won the Best Capital Market Communication Award and the Best Shareholder Relations Award this time, reflecting the full recognition of the company's high-quality development trend by the capital market and the majority of investors. In the future, CIMC Vehicles will continue to devote itself to comprehensively building a high-end manufacturing system, deepen the transoceanic management, local manufacturing business model under the current globalization background, consolidate the new management infrastructure, and achieve high-quality development. CIMC Vehicles will not forget its original intention, actively safeguard the interests of investors, and promote the sustainable development of the capital market.


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