JAC - Concrete mixer tank
JAC - Concrete mixer tank
  • Chassis: JAC
  • Top Weight: 31000
  • Overall Dimen: 10250,9000×2500×3995
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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More Efficiency

    Three main parts engine, transmission and real axle all use domestic famous brand, which make quality reliable, lifetime long and using efficiency high.

    Spare parts for driving system has a large market, and high universality can save repairing time and promote efficiency.

    Reasonable match of assembly spare parts meet the requirements of various working condition, more fuel saving and effective.

More Reliable

    With unique imported 6000T oil pressing machine, main frame and sub frame are one time punch formed to make main frame and sub frame become seamless and the loading capacity is highly improved.

    Chassis made of high tensile steel, and frame structure optimized make loading capacity stronger and product more reliable.

    First class equipment guarantee product quality can be promoted constantly.

More Security

    The design of European cabin is originated from JAC Italian development center, aggressive yet low profile style demonstrating confidence.

    Cabin is made from strengthened metal plate, and key parts are reinforced.

    Cabin is characteristic of air tightness, low noise, good AC effects and comfortable driving.

    High end and wear resistance, and fireproof material make cabin more secure and reassuring.

Professional Production


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