FOTON - Concrete mixer tank
FOTON - Concrete mixer tank
  • Chassis: FOTON
  • Top Weight: 31000
  • Overall Dimen: 10200x2500x3990
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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Advanced Technology

Adopt Benz advanced technology, optimize system matching

As for the load demand of heavy duty type of Foton Cummings engine,system is optimized to solve the problem like high gravity center and easy rollover and key spare parts are also optimized.

Adopt Benz development procedure to improve reliability

Adopt Benz technology, advanced development procedure, integrated design together with famous upper body manufacturer to improve the reliability of trucks.

Adopt Benz mature production technology to guarantee products quality

Global high quality purchasing system, digitizing factory and 36 inspection procedures; Adopt Benz mature automatic production technology with more than one hundred years history of pressing, welding, painting and total assembly to guarantee products quality during production.


Adopt Wechai and Foton Cummings jet engine with big torque, large cylinder diameter and three air valves technology, with 2000bar super high pressure.

Super Stable

Adopt widened frame to promote the stability and prevent the vehicle to side turn.

Adopt 16T double reducing axle, 220mm widened brake pad, fast heat radiation, improve braking power and make brake safe.

Adopt fast coupling to ensure air circuit air tightness, enough air pressure, short brake response time, brake system safety and reliability are promoted.

Super Safe

Adopt LBSC intellectual recognition and can change gear shift and revolving speed to achieve stable driving.

Real time malfunction remind and remote inspection, Tianyuan intelligent control and behavior analysis.

Adopt iBrake technology, more effective brake can effectively reduce the wear of brake pad and tires and prevent brake is disabled because of over temperature.

Adopt European standard safe cabin, produced by global digitizing heavy duty truck model plants, the entire cabin can move back to 200mm to protect the safety of life and property.

Products Specifications

Model NO. Chassis NO. Emission/Fuel Total Weight Kerb Weight Dimension Wheelbase
WL5251GJBBJ43 BJ5253GJB-XL Eu V /diesel 25000 16600 9300,10100,10350×2500×3995 4300+1350
WL5312GJBBJ39 BJ5313GJB-XL Eu V /diesel 31000 18800 10900,11450,11700×2500×3990 1800+3650+1350,1800+3850+1350
WL5311GJBBJ31 BJ5313GJB-AA Eu V /diesel 31000 15300 9550,10240×2500×3990 1800+3050+1350
WL5310GJBBJ30 BJ5312GJB-AA Eu V /diesel 31000 13500 9700,10200×2500×3990 1860+3050+1300
WL5313GJBBJ39 BJ5313GJB-XL Eu V /diesel 31000 15500 10900,11450,11900×2550×3990 1800+3850+1350,1800+3650+1350


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