HONGYAN - Concrete mixer tank
HONGYAN - Concrete mixer tank
  • Chassis: HONGYAN
  • Top Weight: 31000
  • Overall Dimen: 10200x2550x3990
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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Praise and Excellence

Synchronization, the most advanced heavy truck

The only one in China that import the entire CBU technology, 100% original from IVECO. Hongyan is devoted to five peak performance, originated from Italy Iveco, imported trucks with the price of domestic trucks.

Synchronization, global supply chain

Hongyan adopts FPT global purchasing system.

Synchronization, global network system

Gen-star network system is integrated with network and heavy truck intellectualized control.

Inherit strong power from FIAT 113 years history

Engine can be upgraded to Euro VI, reaching the EPA T4 emission standard.

Cast, global advanced product line for heavy truck

The only one production line is strictly built accrording to Iveco original factory standard.

Craftsmanship, WCM world class production management system

Engine and CBU products development, supply chain andinspection are all carried out according to the European WCM management system.

Technology Innovation, Drive Values

Safety driven- international advance cabin moving back technology

When crash happens, the cabin will move back 50cm safely to absorb the impact created by the crash at the most.

Energy-saving driven-cabin design to reduce air resistance, save fuel

Cabin is designed streamline and top arc design, pedestal and side air guide plate structure optimized, which can effectively reduce the air resistance and save the fuel by 3%.

Power driven-application of global advanced engine brake system

Wabco brake system is used for brake inside the cylinder.

Experience driven-comfortable cabin, enjoy along the journey

Engine is designed to vibrate slowly to improve the comfortableness of driving, even close to high grade cars.

Service driven-zero distance for service, big contribution from Hongyan

VIP customer service, two years or 240000KM warranty for chassis.

Products Specifications

Model NO. Chassis NO. Emission/Fuel Total Weight Kerb Weight Dimension Wheelbase
WL5250GJBCQ44 CQ1256HTVG40-474 Eu V /diesel 25000 16600 10000,10250,10450×2500×3995 4000+1400,4200+1400,4400+1400,4700+1400
WL5310GJBCQ30 CQ1316HMVG27-366 Eu V /diesel 31000 14900 9550,10100×2500×3990 1800+3000+1400
WL5311GJBCQ30 CQ1316HTVG27-366 Eu V /diesel 31000 15500 9700,10600,10850×2500×3990 1800+3000+1400
WL5310GJBCQ39 CQ1316HTVG39-486 Eu V /diesel 31000 15500 11650,11850×2550×3990 1800+3900+1400


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