Southeast Asia Concrete Mixer Truck

Southeast Asia Concrete Mixer Truck

We have bought a lot of mixer truck products. In contrast, CIMC RJST's mixer trucks have fast unloading speed, good product performance, easy operation and comfortable driving. We will always support RJST products, we only buy RJST products


Project Background

Southeast Asian customers, with mixing plants and transportation team, buying batch mixers for concrete transportation, building national infrastructure projects


In response to customer unloading problems, we have designed two extension troughs and a receiving hopper, which help customers unload materials to designated locations, prevent leakage, and be more environmentally friendly; electrostatic powder spraying on the surface of the tank body will not fade for five to eight years to extend the service life; the hydraulic parts are all imported with stable performance and reliable service life; and the SINOTRUK cab is selected, which is safe and comfortable, with complete accessories and after-sales services, and one-stop solution to customer use problems.



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