Aluminum alloy oil transport semi-trailer30-50 m³

Aluminum alloy oil transport semi-trailer30-50 m³
  • Volume: 24~44
  • Top Weight: 6000KG
  • Overall Dimen: 12330*2550*3900
  • Content: Diesel, Gasoline, Heavy oil, Coal tar
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Optional:two axis with beam

Advantages of no auxiliary beam

The weight of the whole vehicle is 500-700KG lighter than a conventional sub-beam structure, which effectively improves the user's vehicle load rate.

Advantages of aluminum alloy

  • Aluminum alloy has low density and high strength, so the whole vehicle has a light curb weight, a large loaded mass when fully loaded, less fuel consumption when empty, and less tire wear. 

  • Low operating expenses and high income; after the expiration of the service life of the aluminum alloy oil tanker, the salvage value is high.

Security advantage

  • Oval-shaped tank section, no shape mutation, better stress;

  • Three-section variable cross-section cylinders are mostly used for large volumes, and the center of gravity is 30-50cm lower than that of straight cylinders, which improves driving safety and reduces wind resistance.

Demand guarantee

Multiple compartments tank type is optional to meet the needs of oil product distribution in multiple formats.

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