Look over here! Ruijiang truck play the strongest season market

August 16, CIMC Ruijiang  join United truck in Shanxi held liquid tank product promotion, played the off-season market most ictus. CIMC mizue manager Shaanxi and Shanxi region, regional marketing manager WuYun Bilige and Fu Luojie and local customers nearly 100 people attended the event.

As the economic of the northwest region of the city and the energy concentration area, Shanxi  focusing transformation and upgrading, development potential is huge, is Ruijiang products important market. In speaking activities and WUYUN manager said Ruijiang aluminum alloy liquid tank will adhere to the "advance the Great Northwest" strategy, deep market in Shanxi, to establish Ruijiang brand with high quality and professional service. This time to join the truck for customers to bring better use experience, create more value, to promote the development of regional transport industry.

Live from the chemical companies, logistics companies and the industry management agencies responsible for people of Ruijiang aluminum alloy liquid tank to give a high evaluation, and combined with the truck powerful present high-end atmospheric appearance, professional quality process detonated concern and played local dangerous chemical transportation industry most ictus.

Created on:2016-08-20 10:05