Ruijiang is very busy ,speed up production

In the traditional industry off-season, the collection Ruijiang still popping up, market orders continue. To protect the order delivered on schedule, the company production line at full capacity, efficient operation, you can see one of the busy scene workshop, production line staff in their respective stations ordered busy.

At 16 o'clock on August 15, we came to the tankers production workshop, a vehicle assembly line aluminum tankers lined up, coming off the assembly line after assembly. Liu is fitter assembly line, he said:. "Now the hot weather, the daily working hours are staggered midday heat period, without any delay of orders for delivery and ensuring that everyone has a job, a steady income" by Liu description, he can feel satisfied mood.

When faced with many factories market off-season, when the man-machine shutdown, the production department set Rui Jiangsheng reasonable arrangements for rest time employees, who constantly break the machine, ensure capacity to meet market demand, the quality and quantity of delivery orders.

Created on:2016-08-16 08:20