[Modern Logistics News] CIMC Ruijiang do tankers industry leader

First, for road irregularities in the vehicle handling problems, Wang has just suggested that strict law enforcement". At present, there are a lot of non-standard vehicles in the field of road transport of dangerous goods, a lot of potential safety hazards, called invisible killer. Vehicles that do not meet the relevant standards and regulations, should be given a buffer period, the gradual elimination of the market. This will also be conducive to the transport of dangerous goods has a better safe operating environment, but also conducive to the healthy development of the private car market, to avoid bad money drives out good money phenomenon, good products will have a good market.

Second, Wang Gang put forward a proposal on the management of vehicle notice. He believes that the announcement management should be open, fair. At present, many domestic logistics companies want to use a car. So, some companies have a notice of the corresponding load medium has a clear and strict requirements, but some companies can contain a notice below the different loading media. Does not meet the regulatory requirements of the loading medium, it will appear in the announcement, this illegal operation of the seeds once buried,has  great  hidden.

Ruijiang automobile has international advanced mixing car production line, powder tank production line, liquid tank production line, aluminum alloy tank production line, since the truck production line, semi-trailer production line, production of special products cover more than a dozen series, more than 300 varieties and specifications. Moreover, it is not only in Shandong, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities sales leader, but also the marketing services network from the national shop to Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and other international markets.

And in the liquid tank, no side stainless steel beam holding tank, tank insulation aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy tank, a screw bolt connecting aluminum alloy cans, aluminum aluminum alloy tank is Ruijiang automobile products as the focus. In aluminum alloy liquid tank semi-trailer, for example, the weight of light and loading quality brought good economic benefit is obvious, such as no-load fuel-efficient, cost saving; increased cargo capacity, enhance profitability; tire wear is reduced. At the same time, the conductive property of the product is safer, the oil transportation quality is high, the service life is long, the maintenance cost is low, and the recovery value is high.As sales, tankers Rui car ranked first in the CIMC group, ranked third in the country. Wang Gang said that the distance between the second is very small, the future goal is to lead the general manager Wang Zhujiang to strive for industry leader. At the same time, he also told reporters revealed that only this year half Ruijiang automobile in the liquid tank have more than 3000 sets of sales, equivalent to last year's results. And more respectable is that Wang has not only valued performance growth, he hopes to set an example, to promote the industry to the non-standard car said no, so as to better practice energy-saving emission reduction.

Created on:2016-08-09 09:00