market will slow the car or truck project

Heavy truck in the second half growth will slow

With the emission standard upgrade, market restructuring, in the future for quite a long time, the annual sales of heavy trucks may remain in the 500 thousand ~60 million, which is the new normal heavy truck market. But this year the situation may be better than in 2015." Commercial vehicle industry expert Yang Zaishun analysis. In 2016, the market demand for the country four emission of heavy trucks all over, especially in the five emission standards ahead of the implementation of the face, effectively reflected in the first half of this year; at the same time, is the heavy truck market change, in accordance with the replacement cycle of heavy truck 3~4, replacement car users concentrated; and the state of the yellow car out of the efforts to continue to increase, "Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration and other major strategy to promote, will bring a certain increment to the heavy truck market. Yang Zaishun believes that after entering the three quarter, the growth rate of heavy truck will be slowed down.

"Relative to sales figures on growth, perhaps closer to the current field surveys truck market truth." China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Tan Xiuqing expert told reporters, on the one hand thanks to steady economic growth, fixed asset investment, real estate investment, infrastructure investment gradually pick up, plus the upgraded national V emission standards, a favorable factor for the heavy truck industry sales promotion. However, excess capacity, less cargo vehicles, users lack confidence and other issues are also increasingly prominent. Tan Xiuqing believes that China's macroeconomic situation has not significantly improved, slow economic growth, low investment efficiency will affect the heavy truck market trend.

Engineering vehicles in the second hallf will have the opportunity

The main driving force of the rapid growth of heavy truck market in the first half of this year, is the logistics vehicles, especially the rapid growth of tractor. The second half of the year, the tractor still play the leading role, but the car will pick up the project." China Chongqijituan Sales Department Deputy General Manager Duan Hengyong told reporters. From 1~6 months of statistical data, China's semi trailer car market cumulative sales reached 166 thousand and 700, an increase of 31.26%. Segment Heng Yong think, the growth of the heavy truck market pulling power mainly from the rapid development of the logistics industry and real estate, infrastructure construction projects started. With the national macroeconomic regulation and control, as well as the rapid development of logistics, electricity suppliers, road vehicles ushered in market opportunities, compared to the engineering car market this year, the road car still occupy the dominant position in the market. But in the second half, the engineering vehicle market demand will be greatly improved.

Created on:2016-08-04 08:00