Ruijiang refrigerated trucks | Icy a summer tour trip will shock staged

Ruijiang refrigerated truck scale to enter the market since, with high quality, lightweight success through our customers and friends of the strict inspection, be refrigerated truck market preferred. Sealing, cooling, portability, heat insulation, and many other advantages, is to obtain the national authoritative department certification and industry experts highly valued. The advantage of information and intelligence become strong competitiveness Ruijiang refrigerated trucks, automatic temperature monitoring system for configuration, real-time acquisition, display, record temperature and humidity data, in the industry in leading position.The 14.6 meters Ruijiang heavy refrigerator car will walk into the city, and the came to the forefront of the market, to cold chain logistics enterprises, food, fruit and vegetable market present Ruijiang refrigerated trucks and beautiful figure.

Created on:2016-07-26 09:00