Our common cause will go further\" the fierce summer event

Manager Dai said in his speech, the customer is benchmarking of cimc rui jiang major strategy, will further establish and improve the benchmarking customer management system, and provide "premium service" and "exclusive" policy, make people form closely linked business community, strengthen strategic cooperation and promote common cause to a new level.

Then, Manager Dai gave nameboards to benchmarking customers one by one.

In the interaction, customers have said was awarded the "benchmark" feel very honored to, look forward to continue in-depth cooperation in the future. Everybody also after-sales service, financial services, product problem such as lightweight, open communication in detail, and put forward valuable advice to the red river company, plotting out the broad prospects for the future cooperation. There is customer said: "red river company brand, product quality is didn't have to say, believe that our business will go further"

Created on:2016-07-26 09:20