China International Marine Containers (Group) Ltd. (CIMC), the world leading supplier of logistics and energy equipment, headquartered in Shenzhen of China, is dedicated to supplying high-quality and reliable equipment and services, including containers, vehicles, energy, chemical and food equipment, offshore equipment, logistics service, airport facilities, etc.. The prosperity of the businesses is supported by both CIMC Finance Company Limited that provides professional capital management and by CIMC Financing Leasing Co., Ltd. that offers comprehensive financial solutions. As a diversified multinational operation group that shoulders the mission of global serving, CIMC has over 300 member enterprises and 3 listed companies in Asia, North America, Europe and Australia, and an extensive sales network that covers more than 100 countries and regions. In 2014, CIMC has witnessed inspiring sales proceeds of 70.071 billion yuan with net profit worth 2.478 billion yuan contributed by its 60,000 excellent staff.

    CIMC is a joint venture established by China Merchants Group and East Asiatic Company in Shenzhen in January 1980 under the management of East Asiatic Company in the very initial phase. CIMC was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1994 and listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange in December 2012. Now the group is a public A+H share listed company whose main shareholders are COSCO, China Merchants Group, Hony Capital, etc. Stimulated by the deep-seated international genes since its establishment, supported by the outstanding governance structure and propelled by the endless pursuit of technological innovation and management efficiency, CIMC has rapidly grown into a prominent company that stands the leading place in many global industries.


Mission, Vision, Core Value


    Providing high-quality and reliable equipment and services for logistics and energy industries, good returns for shareholders and employees, and sustainable contribution to the society.

    To be a global leading enterprise in the industry.

Core Values
    Integrity Based, Customer Foremost, Efficiency Driven,Innovation Unlimited, Dedication Committed, Perfection Pursued

Core HRM Concept
    Human Oriented, Common Cause

Company Management


Li Jianhong, Chairman of the Company
    Mr. Li Jianhong, current Director and President of China Merchants Group as well as a Senior Economist, obtained MBA from University of East London and master degree of Economic Administration from Jilin University. Since March, 1995 Mr. Li has been appointed Director, Chairman, and Vice Chairman of the Company, and now acts as Director of the Company again since October 25, 2010.

Mai Boliang, Director and President
    Mr. Mai Boliang, Director and President of the Company, majored in Mechanical Engineering and graduated from South China University of Technology. Mr. Mai has been in the service of the Company since 1982, rising from technician, Manager and Deputy General Manager of Production Technology Department to President of the Company in 1992, and to Director of the Company in March 1994.
Business Segments



    CIMC Container Holdings Limited (CIMC Containers), the wholly-owned subsidiary of CIMC, is the largest business segment with the longest history, engaging in the manufacturing of dry cargo container, refrigerated container and special container as well as in the businesses of modular buildings and floor.

    As the only supplier in the world that has the capability of providing complete series of containers with wholly proprietary intellectual property right, CIMC products are widely used in North America, Europe, Asia and other world major logistics systems. Its annual production capacity of dry cargo container exceeds 2.4 million TEUs and the annual production capacity of refrigerated container surpasses 0.19 million TEUs. The 40 plus member enterprises specialized in container segment have been distributed in the coastal areas and inland ports of China, Europe, Australia, South America, etc., more than 10 dry cargo container bases in coastal area of China; refrigerated container manufacture bases in Qingdao, Taicang and Yangzhou; special container manufacture bases in Xinhui, Nantong and Yangzhou; container flooring business in Jiangmen, Xuzhou, etc.; and modular building business in Xinhui and Yangzhou.

    “Safe, green, intelligent and lightweight” indicates the development direction of CIMC products. The industrialization idea comprised of standardization, modularization and integration, advocated by the Group, has injected fresh vigor into the development and extension of container industry. Moreover, the Group has also been committed to the exploration of strategic emerging businesses, such as modular building and container housing renovation with a view to press forward the industrial upgrade.



    CIMC Vehicle (Group) Co., Ltd. (CIMC Vehicles) is specialized in the manufacturing of special vehicles and the manufacturing and sales service of key components. With annual production capacity of over 200,000 special vehicles, the company has been among the top of global special-vehicle industry in terms of comprehensive scale and strength. By far, the company has owned special-vehicle production lines of 10 major series and more than 1000 varieties, manufacturing products ranging from container transport semitrailer, flat/plate transport semitrailer, low flat transport semitrailer, vehicle transport semitrailer, box truck, van truck, tank truck, dump truck, sanitation truck to special vehicles, etc., all selling well in global mainstream markets.

    By virtue of China advantages and the integration of global resources in special vehicle industry, CIMC Vehicles has established about 30 manufacture & sales bases and R&D centers in North America, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, China and other regions. Benefited from global marketing service network, advanced manufacturing process and advantageous modular production that are contributed to the formation of multinational operation pattern where the core competitiveness resides, the Group applies itself to the clients’ personalized product demands, to the supply of reliable and highly efficient vehicles and to the prompt and professional full life-cycle services to the client’s satisfaction.


Energy, Chemical and Food Equipment

    CIMC Enric Holding Group (CIMC Enric, HK.3899) as the leading enterprise of CIMC Energy, Chemical and Food Equipment Segment, is committed to providing customers with the key equipment, engineering service and system solutions to the transportation, storage and processing of energy, chemical material and food.

    CIMC Enric has established 19 manufacture bases and world leading R&D centers in China, Germany, Holland, Belgium, etc., which brings an industrial pattern featuring China-Europe interaction, reasonable distribution and mutual support to the Group in return. Its marketing network has already covered the areas like Europe, South America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and the countries and regions such as China, Thailand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uzbekista, etc., and has been further stretching to as far as North America and other regions.

    Firmly based on energy, chemical and food industrial chains and committed to the modernization of industrial equipment, CIMC Enric has, after several years of tremendous development, become the industrial leader as the integrated-business service provider and key-equipment supplier. It has the world’s largest production and sales volume of ISO liquid tank container, the world’s largest business scale of high-pressure gas storage and transportation equipment, the largest business scale of refrigerated equipment in China, the largest production and sales volume of CNG, LNG and LPG energy storage and transportation equipment in China and the world-class turnkey capacity in brewery projects.



    CIMC Offshore Business Segment (CIMC Offshore) is among the global leading suppliers of offshore equipment and always maintains an active presence in global competition of international offshore engineering market. Its main products include jack-up drilling rig, semi-submersible drilling rig, offshore support vessel, etc., of which the semi-submersible drilling rig delivered by the Group has been widely launched in the world mainstream offshore oil and gas fields in North Sea, the South China Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the waters of Brazil, etc., accounting for 76% of the market share in China.

    CIMC Offshore has established a strategic business system that features “One Center and Three Bases”: Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Limited (YCRO) as the base for the construction, general assembly, commissioning and delivery of semi-submersible drilling rig; Longkou CIMC Raffles Offshore Limited (LCRO) as the manufacture base of jack-up rig; Haiyang CIMC Raffles Offshore Limited (HCRO) as the modular building base. In addition, CIMC Offshore has three R&D centers, including Bassoe Tech in Sweden, Yantai CIMC Offshore Research Institute. Co., Ltd., and Shanghai CIMC Ship and Offshore Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. which are both certified as CIMC National Resources Offshore Oil Drilling Rig R&D Center by National Energy Administration.


    CIMC Modern Logistics Development Co., Ltd. (CIMC Logistics), the wholly-owned subsidiary of CIMC, has over 60 member enterprises such as Zhenhua Logistics, South Logistics, Brigantine International, etc. CIMC Logistics is dedicated to providing “equipment + service + finance” integrated logistics solutions for customers of different industries with 5 business lines covering container service, comprehensive logistics, project logistics, equipment logistics and supply chain logistics. To be specific, it includes production and sales of various logistics appliances; package leasing service based on standard logistics appliances, main logistics and cold chain logistics service integrating storage, drying and distribution; full life circle service (storage, maintenance, old container transaction, old container renovation, old container recycling and treatment); comprehensive agent service for various ships and cargo, port integrated logistics services including container yard operation, customs and quarantine inspection, customs declaration and commodity inspection, import and export agency; professional project logistic services for infrastructure engineering, electricity engineering, marine engineering, energy and chemical industry, source mine projects.

Airport Facilities

    CIMC Airport Facilities Segment, the third listed company under CIMC, is mainly specialized in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of the following whole-series products: airport passenger boarding bridge, seaport passenger boarding bridge, airport baggage handling system, aircraft vectoring system, special vehicles for airport ground (airport shuttle, in-flight catering truck, aircraft deicer, cargo lifting platform truck, etc.), fire rescue equipment (standard firefighting truck, special firefighting truck, fire pump, etc.), air cargo handling system, automatic warehouse logistics system, automatic parking system, etc.

    After 20 plus years' development, the segment’s member enterprises like CIMC-Tianda have grown to be leaders in their business fields with the strongest comprehensive strength of passenger boarding bridge in the global industry and the biggest sales volume of airport shuttle in China and the second in the world. Hitherto, the segment’s products like passenger boarding bridges and shuttle buses have been in the service of over 200 civil aviation airports located in nearly 80 countries and regions of 5 continents. The performance of CIMC air cargo handling system ranks the world’s top three and the comprehensive strength of high-end automatic parking system that outshines most global competitors. German company Ziegler Group, a member enterprise of CIMC Airport Facilities Segment, is a global leading provider of fire-fighting rescue equipment, whose firefighting truck business ranks No.1 in Germany.


    CIMC Finance Business Segment (CIMC Finance), founded in 2007, consists of CIMC Group’s Fund Management Department, CIMC Finance Co., Ltd. and CIMC Financing Leasing Co., Ltd. CIMC Finance aims to build a financial service system that matches CIMC global leading position in manufacturing, improving the Group’s fund utilization efficiency and benefits and providing competitive innovative financial solutions for global customers by comprehensive means of financial service. In recent years, financial businesses promote the industrial development and transformation & upgrade, facilitate internal and external customers to create value, becoming the new opportunities for the Group’s profit growth.

Industry & City

    Benefited from CIMC Group’s advantages in funds, brands and industrial collaboration together with the Company’s successful experience in the field of real-estate development, CIMC Industry & City Development Group Co., Ltd. (CIMC Industry & City) actively develops and operates real estate projects and takes the principle of "simultaneous development of industries and cities" as its guide and the "enterprise's needs" as its core, endeavoring to be a developer and an operator in the field of China's industrial real estate in recent years. Therefore, the Company dedicates itself to the development and operation of industrial real estate. Currently, it has successfully developed the CIMC Smart Valley project in Dongguan Songshan Lake based on the development concept of mobile internet Innovation Park. CIMC Industry & City has the capacity of cross-region comprehensive development capacity. In addition to real estate development, the company is also engaged in land development and real estate projects at the heart of cities of the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Bohai-rim areas with diversified products ranging from common residences, villas, top-grade apartments, 5A office buildings, five-star hotels to high-end shopping malls, etc.


C&C Trucks
    C&C Trucks Co., a holding subsidiary of CIMC. Branded as “C&C Trucks”, the company mainly engages in R&D, manufacturing and sales of heavy trucks and components and targets at high-end heavy truck, which include such heavy trucks as road tractors, mixers, heavy dump track, tankers, LNG heavy trucks, etc.

Transformation & Upgrade


    CIMC’s development achievements are benefited from its unremitting pursuit of technology innovation, high added-value product and industrial development. Especially after 2008, when confronted with complex economic situations, we actively accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, continuously improve the informatization, automation, streamline production and intelligentization of manufacture, promote international, high-end and diversified industrial development strategy with the aim to develop high-end manufacturing, modern service, achieving the upgrade of “ manufacture + service” value chain and global operation. In the new round of upgrading initiatives in 2014, CIMC paid close concerns to the scale of development, but also focused more on the quality of growth. Quality growth will create greater value for shareholders, bring about more returns to employees, create a better working environment, provide customers with products and services with better quality, and create a more environmental friendliness and safer living environment for the community.

Technological Innovation


    CIMC is deeply aware that only with unceasing innovation can the company continue to maintain its competitive edge. For more than three decades, technological innovation has brought about cost cut, quality upgrade and efficiency enhancement, facilitating CIMC to become an industrial leader today. We adapt product innovation to customers' requirement and keep hewing out new opportunities to refresh and invigorate extensive businesses.

    Standing out as a national enterprise technology center, CIMC Technology Center has established 5 institutes, 21 technology branch centers and has 24 high-tech enterprises certified by national authority, including CIMC National Resources Offshore Oil Drilling Rig R&D Center certified by National Energy Administration. By far, CIMC has applied for more than 4,000 patents to keep strengthening its industrial competitiveness.

Philosophy of Management


    For certain, CIMC’s achievements in 30 years have everything to do with “stimulation”, dating back to 1986, when CIMC was at the edge of bankruptcy, President Mai Boliang, mastering market rules and personnel management, extended container businesses to relevant steel structure areas and resorted to contract operation to turn loss to gain in the very year.

    During more than three decades, CIMC has always been hinged the company development onto personal development. Therefore, it cultivates a unique system and culture that asserts the spirits of innovation, improvement and exploration to the fullest and achieves the CIMC’s leading position over a multiple of industries. Ushered into 21st century and diversified in development courses, the robust development in business segments and aggressive enthusiasm in whole crew featured by CIMC endures through hierarchical management, 5S strategy control system and ONE lean management mode. Joint efforts will be made to fulfill the goal of the “common cause” to make CIMC a “world-class enterprise” growing vigorously.

    The essence of management philosophy for CIMC is to follow the humanity and business rules, which is also the foundation of building an ever booming career.

Social Responsibility

    The social responsibilities of CIMC reflect the core function and mission of an enterprise: providing quality and safe products and services for society with rational operation. While creating value for the society, CIMC sticks to its economic, social and environmental commitments, striving for better ecosystem in the industry and sustainable development of the society through solid efforts.

    By supporting such public welfare as providing students with financial aid and disaster relief, CIMC strives to set a model for the society. The impressive performance of modular building and the unique public welfare support provided by CIMC have won extensive attention and applause. Quickly and reliably, a containerized modular school was built for disaster area in Wenchuan in 2008 and a modular general hospital in Ya’an, 2013.


Future Prospects


    With anything but self complacency, CIMC is driven by the desire for future development to cultivate and assert power and wisdom to maintain a booming development and sustained progress. We are striving to achieve annual sales revenue of RMB 150 billion in 2017, scaling CIMC up to the size of world top 500 players and leading the industry as a resounding and lasting success. 

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