Powder Tank Truck--Two compartmentsSoutheast Asia

Powder Tank Truck--Two compartmentsSoutheast Asia

CIMC RJST has cooperated with us for 6 years and has a good relationship foundation. We specialize in logistics and transportation. We attach great importance to the quality and performance of our products and RJST's products are safe for us to use.


Project Background

Local infrastructure projects need cement construction. Customers buy powder tankers for transportation to help urban construction


According to the needs of customers, the design of a large volume of tank shape is beneficial to customers to load more goods in one transportation and save costs; due to poor local road conditions, the suspension and the thickness of the tank body are strengthened; in addition, the underframe positioning platform has the function of automatically adjusting the height. According to the difference in saddle height of different brands of tractors, ensure that the trailer underframe is completely consistent with the saddle of the main vehicle to avoid problems such as towing pin wear, suspension tire wear, trailer flicking, and eccentric center of gravity. The leg part can withstand greater impact force, and the trapezoidal structure leg box ensures that the can body is not deformed under impact.


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