49.1m³ liquid tank semi-trailer for Myanmar oil transportation

49.1m³ liquid tank semi-trailer for Myanmar oil transportation

Within the agreed delivery period, RJST completed the delivery of this batch of 500 tank semi-trailers exported to Southeast Asia."RJST's products are always reassuring in terms of quality and service. This is the basis for us to create a win-win situation."


Project Background

This well-known large-scale oil transportation company in Southeast Asia chooses our products for oil transportation in many ports. Due to our high brand awareness and good product quality, the customer directly purchased 500 units and signed a stable procurement plan with our company every year.


In order to meet the customers` inquirement, taking into account the loaded media and use occasions, we have customized product configurations for customers as follows:3-axle suspension with front axle lifting, which can better meet the requirements of daily regulations and reduce axle tire wear5182 sheet make strength more higher;discharging on the right side of the middle part is more in line with the habits of local customers;the 4-inch aluminum alloy API valve (including plugging cap and adapter) allows customers to load from the bottom, making loading and unloading more convenient.


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