SHACMAN - Concrete mixer tank
SHACMAN - Concrete mixer tank
  • Chassis: SHACMAN
  • Top Weight: 25000
  • Overall Dimen: 11980x2550x3990
  • Content: Concrete, Cement
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Shacman keeps studying the market and customer demands, constantly importing the newest technology from Europe, with the concept of positive development. With better quality, newly updated F3000 is becoming the new power in city constructions.

Perfect Match

Truck is equipped with Cummings engine, and Fast transmission, 16T dual speed axle with Hand Man technology. Golden industry chain can match the best and transmission efficiency is higher.

Leading Technology

New designed frame made of high tensile rectangle.

Professional Production

Upper body and chassis are designed integrated to enhance the performance of CBU and highly improve the attendance rate; Shacman establishes close relationships with CIMC RJST, a professional special vehicles manufacture can meet your professional needs.

Updated Services

Improve reaction speed.
Improve the ability of repairing skills.
Improve the accurate stock of spare parts.
Improve ability of service operation.
Improve customer service experience.
Improve customer relationship maintenance.
Improve ability of service innovation.
Improve profitability of channels.

Professional Production

Model NO. Chassis NO. Emission/Fuel Total Weight Kerb Weight Dimension Wheelbase
WL5310GJBSX38 SX1310FB Eu V /diesel 31000 18800 10800,11400,11800×2500×3990 1800+3575+1400,1800+3775+1400
WL5251GJBSX44 SX1250FB Eu V /diesel 25000 16600 9400,9950,10420×2500×3990 3975+1400,4375+1400
WL5311GJBSX30 SX5310GJBMB6 Eu V /diesel 31000 14200 9520,10200×2500×3820,3990 1800+3000+1400
WL5252GJBSX44 SX1250FB Eu V /diesel 25000 13635 9400,9950,10420×2500×3995 4375+1400,3975+1400


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